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I enjoy pve, explo and want to learn more pvp. I have 52m sp on 1 character on this accoutn and 20m on the other. The 52 mil is skilled into a vargur and loki. am on at different times, would like to be in a corp not so large i get lost in the noise but big enough there are more than 2 people on.

Hello buddy,

If you’re in the US tz looking for a WH corporation, feel free to take a look at us :

Hi. You should check out Noir. We’re a merc alliance that’s currently active in GalMil, but we take contracts all over the game, doing everything from NS constellation harassments to WH structure saves to making timers in an area to see who sides with who. We’ve been around quite a while, long enough to have our own module and we even have the undisputed longest running EVE podcast.

Our players are fairly evenly split between EU and US TZ so you will have people to fly with. If objective oriented PvP sounds interesting to you, come chat with us on our Discord.

Hey there Farfodder, I’m from HVYCC. We’re a 0.0 corporation out of Geminate and members of No Visual. alliance, and part of the Winter Coalition.

We’re a small tight knit PVP corp looking for like minded people who just wanna get on and have fun! We have access to small gang, blops, large fleets, and cap fleets!

We also have access to ISK opportunities such as:

  • Guristas ratting
  • Moon, ore, and ice mining
  • PI

We also have corp, alliance, and coalition SRP!

If you’re interested stop by your discord!

If you’d like to read more about us, here is our recruitment post: HVYCC-Stay Heavy Friends. Null PVP/Industry Alpha/Veterans Welcome

Check us out. Pew Pew all day

TSSOC hes been around many years, great group of players. we would be the perfect place for you to learn!

come and say Hi !

Always recruiting

Want the best place to learn, to ask questions and have fun?
This is the spacefamily who got it all! - Small enough to make everyone count, but big enough to stand for something.

Reach out if you have questions or just want to get a closer look of what you might get yourself into to :wink:

we are a smaller ns corp located in catch and querious join our discord and chat to see if we are a fit for you REPZ

PVP adventures in the south east of NS with minimal blues and options to fund yourself.

Hey there.

Considered WH space?

Feel free to come check us out

Inevitable Outcome - WH PVP CORP - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

If you are still looking, we would be glad to talk with you. we are a mid sized alliance with just what you seek. Not a sea of millions but plenty of people to help and play with.


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