Looking for EUTZ FW corp. 63 Mil SP. Small gang pref


On and off Eve player for years. I have lived in Null, small stint in WH space and mined in HighSec…
Biggest problem for me is that Eve for the most part seems to have a lot of content in USTZ and or other TZs. Me being EUTZ always end up missing the fun since the fun starts when it is time to sleep. Tried the Null life and even pushed my sleep schedual just to experience block warfare (Logi pilot). Was fun but long term lack of sleep just wont cut it for me. Even if there is not much content (pvp) to be had just chilling on voice while doing something is at least a sign of activity until we go looking for content or content finds us…

So the only space I have left to try is LowSec but FW in particual is something I want to try. Done roams in FW space before but not as part of the FW factions. Some say FW is dead but since players still live and fight there that can’t be true. Maybe it is time to get into FW in time for a revival of the FW systems. Can’t comment if FW is good or bad since I have never been part of it. So is there EUTZ part of FW where I could fit in?

Abby Aurilen

Hello there, your welcome to come join us on discord (wrecky#4222) or join our public in-game channel “Aurora Dynamics Public” We’re mixed time zones US-EU-UK

Regular Pvp Content

Null-sec mining – Ice Belts, Ore Anomaly’s, Regular Belts and Moons R4 R8 R16 R32 R64

Null-sec Ratting – Free Reign to rat and a low corp tax rate

Manufacturing, research, and reactions

Regular Jump Freighter Service

Ore Buy back Program

Easy market access to two big market hubs

Alliance Run SRP and much much more

Lots of opportunities to use carriers

Yo m8, well here we are… we are on FW and 90% EU. and we do stuff with style :sunglasses:

Closed at the request of the OP.

ISD Bahamut