Looking for experience players from UK & USA to build a Corp

What can i offer you. A big community with 900 members. A work place with opportunity where you meet your same kind. Knowledge sharing and challenge what can meet you when you work with 900 people. The structure is good and working. (Culture and sharing)

For building a division you guys need to be 5 people. But you guys need to be Americans or from UK. And you guys will be in charge, but you guys need to pick out one squad leader. Here you will have opportunity to work you way up in the community or in work related section. There will be room for People from France, Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavians too. No others country is allowed for the time being.

For my side i will just be there for playing and having a bit fun.

I understand that if this is going to be fun for you guys. This Corp need to be main for lowsec pvp and wormhole pvp. But in the same time be open for other people can do pve mission, scavanging exploring and so on.

Here is the link to the clan https://dmg-inc.com

If your interested sign up here for this forum. And when you have 5 people you have sign here. then we are good to go. Rest is up to you guys who join this. But it need to follow my rules as long i am in the corp.

Just find an existing corporation or do a partnership with another gaming community already into EVE Online.

EVE is a game that takes a lot of dedication, it’s not like propping up WoW guilds or something else. Trust me, I’ve done it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thats why i am recruiting. And i can offer the best place :slight_smile:

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