Looking for hi-sec PVP corp

Looking for advice.
I know about RVB but wish to know if there are other similar high-sec PVP corps out there?
Mainly pay round the 19.00-21.00 mark so I dont have much time free from RL.
Main has 127m SP in all combat.
I dont like greifing btw.

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Hello MrMajesto,

I know you said you wanted to stay in HS, but was hoping you would be open to even more content in EVE. The sandbox is our playground and the social connections we make within our gaming community is great.

If you get a moment, please check us out and what we are about…

Hope to see ya in space,

LF highsec wars, but not into griefing? Love your sarcasm, you would fit in well here LOL

We live in lowsec for more pvp opportunities, but always have wars running up in high sec which is just a few jumps away. Most out members are in the 100m SP club as well and your play time is our most peak hours.

No sarcasm here. I really dont like attacking defenceless ships. I dont need a killboard padded. I like to pvp with others for the fun of pvp.

I have a 176m SP main with full combat skills.
Looking for good pvp in a similar vain to RvB.
Not wanting to grief but fight other pilots who just like to PVP in a friendly environment.
I prefer small gang (5-10 ships) and don’t want to have to CTA or defend space due to time constraints.
I prefer not to have to fly bling on a day to day basis but happy to use if needed.
I don’t have much time per day (1-1.5h) and play mainly around 20.00 eve time, so need access to fast combat.

Are there any corps that are similar to this?

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