Looking for Low sec or High-sec wars corp

Hi - My crew has gone inactive and I’m in the market for something new.

Bad at this so just listing what i want :slight_smile:

lowsec/npc null or high sec wars
Many enemys and targets ( if they are stronger that’s ok)
Freindly crew
Not kill board focused. (just as happy for me to lose ships enjoying pvp)
Im EU tz

I cant always use coms due to family situation. During these times i will be doing solo activity - absyals or my own pvp.

Edit - I am open to High sec war dec corps too.


@Jayka_Kyer - I would suggest Sons of Luminaire.

You’ll have fun with them. Two really good FCs. I used to fly with these guys until they left and made their own corp; the most enjoyment
I’ve had PvPing in Eve.

Decent group, EU, small gang stuff around 8-15 pilots normally, active in low sec and they venture into null. I’ll find their Discord for you.

And here’s their recruitment post:



I have been playing EVE for years now and am still excited about the game. I came back recently after a nice break and tried to find a corp which suits my playstyle. And here started my problem. I could not find anything. They all had some demands or rules I did not want to meet. CTA’s, mandatoy on comms, nothing other than PvP, etc.

So I decided to create my own corp. A corp where the main occupation is PvP but also has room for other playstyles. Do you like manufacturing or exploration as a means to fund your PvP. No problem! Do you want to log in after a hard day at work and not be on comms but just relax? No problem!

I like the close knittedness of a corp and dont like the added weight of an alliance. An alliance will, in my mind, cause the corp to loose its identity and ability to make its own decisions. So this corp will not join an alliance ever. Same goes for blues, we dont need them.

So I hope that you are interested after reading this. The corp is small of course but I would like to grow it with like minded people. To create an environment where we have fun with whatever we do.

What we offer

Mature atmosphere with plenty of experience and SP
PvP orientated with room for other playstyles
Active, engaged, and approachable leadership 
Plenty of content: we can go anywhere we want
A relaxed, drama free atmosphere

What we are looking for

Self-sufficient, PVP focused players
No hard SP limit
Pilots who want to help out other pilots

Join our channel FUP PUB and have a talk to find out more!

Thanks for mails - bump to top

Hey Jayka!

I’m Ram Askaari, CEO of Battle Kats. My corporation is a member of Hardly Competent aliance which is a member of Kairos Initiative. We live in LowSec, 8 jumps from Amarr… we have plenty of baddies to shoot at and we’re a friendly bunch of people that work very well together. We don’t give a damn about the killboard (might get mentioned though if you’re losing a billion ISK every single day haha).

We have people in the EUTZ so you’d definitely have people to do stuff with!

Join our Discord and feel free to interrogate us for information!

Hope to hear from you soon, fly dangerously!

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Hey there check this ad out see what you think come and chat in game

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