Looking for high sec Indy corp

Looking for high sec Indy corp

Hey, check us out. We are mostly indy focused as we equip and train new and returning players to eve. We are high sec only. You can hop on our public discord and ask questions.

Here’s our recruitment post with info.

We may have just what your looking for in our industrial arm, check out the ad below and hit us up if interested (in game or here is cool)

Hi Dr,

I have something slightly different to offer you. We at Guns are a shallow nullsec corp that can offer the benefits of null, with the access to markets like no other. We are 3 jumps from HS, and only 12 from Jita meaning you get all the bonus’s of manufacturing in null without many of the risks and hassles.

Have a read of our ad, and if its of interest then hopefully we get a chance to chat.

Hello, if you have some to chat id enjoy chattign adn brining you on board with blingenstone.

Hello @DrGzLewis

We might be exactly what you’re looking for. Check our recruitment post here: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/newbro-friendly-hi-sec-industrialist-corp/295269

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