Looking for high sec indy corp

(Miezip Eclipse) #1

I am a one man Corp doing reactions and manufactions. I am looking for a corp or corps to colaborate with , either selling cheap materials for t2 production,selling manufaction slots, build capitals for/with. Anything indy related will do. Mining with or boosting. Is also an option Beeing a one man corp can get booring

Regards Miezip

(Oreb Wing) #2

You think you would ever be interested in pvp, Miezip? I have a need of a helper who can supply t2 mods from an alt corp to the war effort in faction warfare, Gallente side. Let me know if you’re interested.

(Miezip Eclipse) #3

i dont really enjoy pvp, and i also dont build T2 mods, just the component materials for the production,

Thx anyway :slight_smile:

(Oreb Wing) #4

I use those too. Your contributions to pvp are appreciated.

(Sora Takei-uchi) #5


I might be able to provide you with a corp and alliance (will be formulated by end of this week) for your needs.

Were based out in HS providing moonmining, orca support and more support if needed.
In cases you’d ever considere pvp were located near lowsec and have options for nullsec possibilities.

Feel free to contact me,


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