Looking For Minmatar Epic Arc Services

Seeking pilots that have the Minmatar Epic Arc available. I am looking to boost my standings by blitzing through these missions. I am not interested in the bounty money or end reward isk only the standings upon completion. If your interested in helping please personal message me in game for more details. Thank you.

reach out to United Standings Improvement Agency

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I would suggest also looking into groups that provide standings-related services. They help raise standings for a fee.


(Hehe, Geo was faster than me by a few seconds while I was still typing…:slight_smile: )

I got the link saved in my profile since i’m a member of the USIA.

also @GeDarr private messaging on forums doesn’t work…

I see, well in that case anyone interested feel free to message me in game. I am mostly looking for people that actively run level 4 missions that may be interested in knocking out the Epic Arc quickly. They receive all the bounties, mission isk, and split the standings at the end. I think its a pretty good deal especially for someone that may struggle to complete it on their own. Using the term services may have been the wrong term to describe the pilots I am looking to team up with on this mission.

i sent you a message in game… you can also complete the SOE arc for minmatar standings as well.

The main issue with SOE Arcs is that its a lot more missions. I would use that to repair bad standings since you can pick the faction to raise. Wildfire is 16 missions several of them are very quick. You get 25mil at the end and receive much higher boost in standings.

You seem to be looking for a really wierd person.

  1. They need to be inexperienced enough with missions to not know how to solo the arc
  2. They need to have done enough missions to be +5 to minmatar or +5 to a corp nobody runs missions for

Already this is pretty slim odds. Almost everybody that can pull the arc can run it, and the whole offer to help makes no sense if someone can already easily run it solo.

  1. They need to care enough about their own standings to pass up the RSS probes for higher standings option
  2. They need to be willing to split the standings with you

I dont think you’re likely to find many takers. A better bet is to just pay full price from a standings service, or to go to one of the SOE systems and try to get cheap standings from newbies who think 50mil is a lot of ISK.

Anyhow I do not agree with your assessments. There are a lot of people out there that enjoy meeting and teaming up with other people. Many mission runners don’t focus on the top ISK per hour corporations that you are implying. In terms of the end reward, you can buy more probes with 25mil than the ten free ones they give you. Many people do not care about faction standings so long as they can run their own missions.

I have shared my epic arcs with other people, bounty isk, and end rewards. I have run a couple with other people. It all depends on your play style. I am looking for individuals that are not solely focused on Isk per hour that enjoy meeting and teaming up with other people. I know there are numerous people in game that have a similar play style and hope to connect with them.

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