Looking for Null or low sec home

4m SP pilot just getting going in the game and still have lots to learn.

Looking for a corp in null or low sec that I can join who is primarily active from 03:00 to 07:00 eve time as that’s usually when I’m on(US west coast basically). My primary focus is on Ratting and Missions then salvaging it and reprocessing it into minerals. Currently finishing up the skills for salvage reprocessing then will be working on ships and industry mix as I progress. Not overly into PVP but will participate in fleet activities if it is a requirement but will probably prefer support ships in that kind of environment.

Any interested parties please contact me here or in game.

Looking forward to hearing from you till then fly safe

Actually, you are the kind of person we are looking for. We need someone to come and salvage stuff for us, I promise we will keep you busy.

Come by Dark Crimson Pub in game and speak to one of our recruiters!

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