Looking for old, disappeared videos

I’m sure many of you have had videos you liked just disappear from YouTube and other sites without any warning. It sucks, especially when it’s content that probably can’t be found anywhere else. This just happened to me with a video showing a Jove Eidolon-class battleship spawning on a gatecamp, and if anyone happens to have saved a copy before it went private then I’d love it if you could post that copy here.

I’d also appreciate it if someone happens to have a copy of this video here they’d be willing to share. If this post in the old forums is anything to go by, it was apparently about an old Live Event where a Jove ambassador got splattered by an experimental teleporter.

If anyone else has a video that’s disappeared on them, feel free to post about it here. Maybe someone can help!


I managed to get in contact with the second video’s owner, and he’s made it public again! It features the Jove ambassador Misu Baniya visiting the Xetic Alliance in null.

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