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I joined Eve as an alpha pilot over a year ago, played for a few months, and took a few months off due to real life. Now I’m back in the game and looking to get active again. I’m looking for a newbie-friendly active corp that does a lot of PvE activities like exploration, ratting, incursions, resource wars, that sort of thing. High sec and low taxes preferred but not a strict requirement.

Some things about me:

  • Alpha player with ~1.3 million skill points trained so far
  • US based
  • Have Discord/TS3/Mumble

I’d love to meet your corp! Please message Belya Maestrodello in game.

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Hello Belya M. ,

I know you said you are looking for PVE, but we are a group that by game mechanic necessity, we gladly do both.

If you get a chance, come see what and who we are …

Hope to see ya in space,

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We own a good low sec pocket close to jita

We hold sov in null sec

We have a C2 wormhole

We can teach you how to omega your account with isk

Would be glad to talk with ya in comms
Join our public channel. Wobble bubble

Hey bud!

Krypted Gaming is looking for quality, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity, and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players. We live in the nullsec region of Deklein, and are proud members of SLYCE.

We aim to be,

  • Tight Knit (~40-50 actual humans)
  • Highly active (88.5% of our members are online daily)
  • Top Contributors in PvP & Industry (top 3 for monthly alliance fleet participation)
  • Knowledgable & Approachable (tons of guides on our website)

Whether you are a new player or veteran, we are looking for team players who want to contribute to a community. All of our members are active, decent human beings (except our corporate Grandpa, Helltrek) with lives outside of the game. Given that, we also have plenty of memes!

Monthly Krypted Updates
Fleet Commander Logs
EVE Online Guides

Come chat with us in our Discord!

run sites all day all night C3 WH corp.
we also do indy, mining. hit me up Raleit#7718

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