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Hey all, I’m new to Eve Online and have been playing for about 4-5 days and can say i love the game so far!
I’ve tried applying for Corps that meet my requirements from seeing advertising from forums and more and have heard nothing back from them apart from one. who asked me to send a PM in game “Which i did” and he responded hello and nothing else… so that put me off straight away…

I’m looking at spending my time doing Exploration & PVP and anything else thrown my way. happy to try everything!

Looking for EU based Corp that’s noob friendly and has members willing to teach and learn me the ropes =)

thanks for reading guys.


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read this first if you have not:


Thanks for the Info Guide Vortexo, much Appreciated.

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You could try one of the larger “new player friendly” corps like KarmaFleet, they pretty much have groups for any career path.

hi thanks for the reply i had got in contact with Karmafleet and put an Application in and have heard nothing back.


you can contact me ingame tonight … we are looking for players


i started a corp today looking for members! its called Inferno Wing and we could use a pvper. i can teach you anything u need to know. you’d be my first recruit!

I have moved this topic from New Citizens Q&A to the Recruitment Center.

If you haven’t found a new home as of yet, please give us a closer look…

I know you said you wanted EU based Corp, well we are both US/EU and are growing by the day.

Hope to see ya in space,

Hey and welcome to EVE,

I know you said EU, but I am from a US TZ that has some pretty spread out activity depending on the day. We live in 0.0 SOV space down in Catch and are looking for new players.

You can check out our reddit post on the /r/evejobs board if you’re interested in giving us a look! We have a lot of cool and interesting opportunities that even the newest of players can take advantage of.

Here is our reddit post if you’re interested in giving us a try:


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