Looking for pvp corp around minmatar low sec

Looking for pvp corp in minmatar low sec.

About me:

60mill sp focused minmatar pilot
Can fly Panther and Vargur
Training for a nag
Self sufficient
3 active accounts 1-Main 2-Tackle/links, 3-Hauler
EU tz (I play as much as I can with a job and kids)
Looking for a reason to undock

Also my brother will probably want to join whoever I join. He’s similar sp to me.

Still on the lookout


We are guys with same, kids go to bed and play space game. We play in EU tz no drama etc…

Our operations are situated not in lowsec, but i think this can be fun for you.

Please check our advert and welcome in our discord.

fly safe o7


Come check us out, we are recruiting
Public channel in game: No.Mercy Pub

o7 I know you said minmatar lowsec but we have extended reach to all of lowsec please spare 5 minutes to read the linked post if we’re not for you I totally get it and best of luck :slight_smile: