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Hey there,

I’m currently trying to find a place where I’d “fit in” in Eve Online. I love the concept of the game, but every time I try it I get sucked into it for 1-3 months before completely putting it away due to not getting that feeling of belonging and companionship which I know from playing other MMOs in the past.

Fortunately I’ve had the foresight to keep up Omega and skill training between a few of my stints so my skillpoints-to-game-knowledge/experience ratio is pretty significant. I’ve got two accounts (66/44 million SP), but I feel like I’ve barely gotten into the game. Last time I got into Eve was one year ago where I figured I’d try to join an indy focused corp, and as usual I got hooked and made director within a month and a half even though I felt it was the wrong corp for me. It turned out that indy meant some mining fleets and “figure the rest out on your own” whilst the main focus was small gang PvP (gatecamp snoozefests) and going into trig-space. Oh, and probably 90% of my assets are now in a trig system I’ll probably never see again, haha.

Here are the kind of things I’m looking for in a corp that would suit me:

  • EUTZ - I’ve given up hope on narrowing it down further to Scandinavia/Norway. :upside_down_face:
  • No voice comms required - I don’t mind being on coms listening, but I prefer not to speak most of the time. I play games to relax after work/bedtime and being tied up on comms without being able to listen to music, chat with my SO or whatever kills some of the relaxation for me.
  • No required attendance - Things quickly starts to feel like a second job if certain things are expected to be done at specific times. I’m also a parent with a fulltime job so my gaming hours are a bit varied, but mostly 17:30 - 21:30 server time.
  • Corp structure - Usually when checking out a corporation their advert looks smooth, but after joining you realize it’s just a bunch of people doing their own things with no real unity. I want to feel like I’m part of something, even if my activity levels are varying.
  • An actual industrial infrastructure - I want to learn how to make money off of manufacturing things, not just being told “oh, that’s not profitable, better to just mine the ore, sell it and buy what you need”.

Corp experience doesn’t matter too much to me. It’s been a major buzzkill previously being told that most stuff isn’t worth doing unless you have optimal skills/structures/boosters/whatever by veterans, it feels like most of the game isn’t worth doing unless it’s completely min-maxed, surely that’s not true? Sorry If I come across as blunt and pessimistic, but I really want to get into this game long-term and my previous experience has been mixed and I know it’s mostly because I didn’t find the proper group to play with.

Now, if you’ve made it all the way through my post to here and can offer most/all of the things listed you’re probably the kind of player/corp I’d like to play with, so please contact me. Also, if there are players looking for a corp feeling connected to my post I’d also be open to creating a new corp with likeminded players, although at the moment I wouldn’t know how, hah.

EDENCOM Section 7 Recruitment Video - YouTube

Maybe we can help you with that stuff in Pochven …

i can suggest you the corp im in: EndlesRain

its a pretty chill corp where you life wont interfere your fun in this corp. they are pretty organized for their size. im not sure about the industrial infrastructure part but they where always able to provide me the things i needed if it was not to expensive of course.
im an lonewulff and i where able to dodge joining the teamspeak. they would love to see you talk but you dont have to except if you take part on something that requires you to join a voice. else like moon mining for example they talk in ingame chats too.
just follow the rules and you can do your things. they are willing to help and are pretty nice, you dont get forced to do anything. their nullsec space is quiet too in terms of enemy activity but if you search for action, theyr aliance got a pvp corp. i think they do faction warfare too.
however, if you are interested and got more questions you can join the corps Discord . sorry for my bad english btw lol

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Hey there.

Take a look if that is what you are looking for and come to our discord to sort out your application if that is the case.

Thanks for the replies to everyone who replied here and those who contacted me ingame, I think I’ve found a good match now. :slight_smile:

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Hej Chris

Jag bor själv i oslo och är ceo för mortis angelus och the morgue. alliance.

Om du gillar att blopsa och cloaky camp då är du rätt person för oss. Annars kan du göra vad du vill.

vill du veta mer om oss kan du ta en titt på vår recruitment post nedan

ha en bra eftermiddag


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come speak with us mate

I sent you an in-game message! Enjoy!

hi not sure if u found a home if not have a read :slight_smile:

Hei :slight_smile: Corpmate over her snakker pent om oss :slight_smile: Kom gjerne over og ta en prat, vi er tre nordmenn i et ellers multi nasjonal corp/allianse. EndlessRain

hey Chris Thulien!

come check us out!

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