Looking for Russian/English speaking PvE/PvP corporation

Old EVE player. Played from 2004-2011. Was a part of BoB in their glory days, even commanded a few fleets in the Stain campaign back in the day. Loved sub-cap PvP. Hated capital fights and POS bashing. So real-life happened and I’m hoping i can mix real-life somehow with this game.

I’m currently studying Russian (я учусь русский язык. я очень плохо говорю по русски)) and would love to somehow mix this with playing. I’m at the beginning of the language still learning grammar etc. One thing I have difficulty though is speaking, because I have no one to speak to. And I miss playing space games :slight_smile: . Who knows, could teach some Russians a little English too^^.

Looking for some sort of Russian based corporation.
Speaks Russian/English
Laid back, EVE is a game, not a commitment.
PvE operations
PvP sometimes would not hurt
Teamspeak/Ventrilo/Discord or any other voice communication is essential.
I don’t mind 0.0 or empire.

Wasup Kaeten,

If you looking for a fresh content and a place to have fun we have a TON! Wormageddon | Alliance | zKillboard

We are still small, just took two systems in Tenerifis that a perfect for ratting and mining. We are blue with the MWM coalition; so, the space we live in is fantastic. Our Poco are set at 3.5% and we have 0% tax on all our indy facilities. (T1, T2, CAP, Invention, Moons) We have it all, just looking for guys who want to partake!

We don’t have any Russian speaking members, but we fight RED a lot! So, if you want to work on your Russian - trash talking and/or let us know what the Russians are calling us in local, you should swing by and chat!

Our discord channel: Pagids Legion


-Xeno Dragoon

Check out an ingame corp named Conoco.

“Conoco.” Period at the end.

I’m not affiliated with them, but I know they are a mixed English/Russian language group, and it is fairly large so chances are they’d have peeps playing your timezone.

I’d speak to them first, check out their culture, and see if they are what you are looking for.

I do not know where they fall on the PVP/PVE divide as to activities.

Hey @Kaeten I think you would enjoy flying with my group. We live in a wormhole, so we do a lot of small gang subcap pvp. It’s a great group which knows how to have fun in the game, I will message you in game with our discord if you are interested.

А также я говорю хорошо по-русски, но я только говорящий в корпе сейчас. Но я знаю что есть несколько человек которым интересует Русский Язык. Я был репетитором Русского языка поэтому, я вам могу помочь в учебе. Верно сказать мне нужен кто-то с которым по-русски разговаривать.

Hey mate, if you have some time, check out Cyntech! We live in nullsec Sansha space and we are a part of a PVP alliance that also does some industrial stuff. Give me ashout here or in game!

I can’t offer a corporation to you but feel free to convo me after 15:00 EvE time to chat about anything. Currently I study English and practice in grammar here https://conversationexchange.com and it would be great to find somebody with the same hobby. I glad to help you with Russian if you want.

We are russian-speaking wormholers (c4 3\5) who looking English-speaking player too.
We have our ENG recruit topic, where you see our results.

Prime-time 10:20 EVE
If interested go to Keep Good channel in-game.

Thanks for posting in the forums,

Welcome back!

Hop into ur public channel ‘Coalition of Carebears’ where you will also find ur Discord details, from which we springboard a lot of our information, ops and general chatter.

Hope to see you soon,

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