Star Defense [WH 4 3\5] Defend the stars from NPC, Hostiles and Ores

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:star: Star Defense :star:

:crossed_swords: ZKillboard

:man_technologist: About Us: :ru:

CEO: Serg Sinist
ENG Recruit officers: Moria Rin.

This is a simple WH Russian-language corporation, where we do together what we like. We gathered to make money quickly and much, fight against any enemy and at leisure to dig the moon.

This topic is made in order to get like-minded people regardless of the place (several of our people know English).

More information:

:world_map: We lives in WH C4 3 \ 5 statics. All infrastructure (citadels, POCO, etc).
:clock8: Prime time from 10:00 to 20:00 EVE.

:crab: We farm on a VNI \ Ishtars in C5, for PLEXes and ships. (How we farm [ENG sub]). Also we teach how to command crab fleets.

:bow_and_arrow: We fights on what farm (armor, drone). We have small-scale fleets and fights against all fleets if we have a small chance to destroy.

:last_quarter_moon_with_face: And dank moon mining.

:dolls: Requirements:

  • Know how to fly on Vexor Navy Issue (Alpha accounts available).
  • To be active.
  • Full API key from all characters to check.

:european_castle: How to Join:

  1. Join to Keep Good channel (if stucked mail to recruiters)
  2. Talks with recruit officer or CEO.
  3. Get corporation invitation.

WTF News

We destroy Naglfar!
First capital kill!
But without pilot :frowning:

:unamused: Summary of the week 5-11 in zKillboard.

(Include Naglfar)

  1. Small-scale vs BTLH
    We opened C5 to BTLH home and Typhoon with Arbitrator going to fight. 278 vs 271 кк.
  2. Stealth of Yan Olerie
    Yan and Andrey Malahov noticed Rattlesnake farming. After 1 minute, they’re coming to bookmark and tackled dank rattlesnake. 1,450 кк.
  3. Our Siberian tried to loot astrahus.
  4. Alphi Power
    He tackled Orca. VNI with Arbitrator coming to kill all in grid. 1,526 кк.
  5. Dank uncloaked Astero. We have found in c2 strange traffic (Occators, Mastodons). Next we plant Heretic, but Astero uncloaked nearest 1 km and goes to wreck. POS Party INCOMING and we goind wreck too. But Kashuken have to go fun and wrecks 6 times and going to eat real food.


T3 and Rockets

We get 4 T3 Cards in one week.
Collection costs 7.5 bil!

:credit_card: Gallente Card

Open Card

This card we take from small scale pvp.
We noticed a confessor on hisek wh. Serg, Andrey and Yan create a plan for dank pvp. After 5 minutes we see Proteus on Hi sec and Sinist like Leeroy going fight early.

Proteus aggro to us and their fleet incoming (2 prots and something). Yan get killed, Malachov warp out and Sinist destroyed the Proteus and lost his Harbinger.

:credit_card: Minmatar Card.

Open Card

Dissection goes to farm in C3, but prevented to collect money Loki. Our fleet to defence and destroy him.

:credit_card: Caldari Card

Open Card

We in C2 found a single Legion. Next Moria Rin goes to honor fight with Typhoon and Ferox. We found uncloaked Tengu and primary him, after incomes 1 Guardian and we engage the Legion. But Rin see about 1 bil in wreck, and get out from battlezone to save dank loot.

We fights some 2 minutes and Dissection get out, but Kashuken goes honorable fights against 2 guardians, drykilllogik’s legion and get insurance.

:credit_card: Amarr Card

Open Rare Card

Noting the regularity (prot, loki, tenga), Serg pointed to the search for the last rare card. But also need to earn money to buy another trash for 99 cents or ships more expensive. And they did.

Opening the new C3 and seeing there 10 FFA, Rin decided to close the holes there. But he was attacked! 2 legion and Proteus goes to engage our member. Quickly gathered, flew to save and here Dissection with a hot hit on the legion, so much so that the whole a-type burned down.


After that, we sat in prostration from what happened. But we got all T3, fan and glory on the zkillboard for a week.

2 Guardians

This is our internal meme, about the fact that serious collectives always roll out logists, which make the fight dull, if you do not have a counter-format, overdps. Well, because of the Russians in the wormholes often flies drykillogik, then for any damage to his ships always roll out the very ones.

It’s fun, profitable, dangerous.

Who did not notice, but below you can notice one character who discovered a new way of fan flights on wormholes, with earnings, nice communication in TC and pvp.

1 day
2 day
3 day

PS. As you can see, to be in those merry events, it is enough to be able to Vexor Navy Issue and be active.
PS2. Kill At Will (Socket Closed) respect+. This is the second corporation we meet, which does not blob.

The results of the March 19-25

“A fun trip through the surrounding wormholes”
For a week we destroyed 84 of the vehicle and lost 40.
54 produced in the wh.


  • Day of burnt damage control: bait, kite - good fight. Во втором случае лача чуть не сгорела от мелочи.
  • Chinese Pipixia: we farmed guristas as dscan began to grow. But then saw the opportunity to fight the Chinese do not deny it.
    It can be seen soon in the wh will be issued a new player.
  • Dissection tested new fit: mega flew to farm guristas as on dscan appeared Sleipnir. Well, off we go to our hodgepodge.
  • Brawe Sins Of Youth. I can’t say exactly what it was (but releated not bad), because I was busy.

A fun trip

And we’re already a week in the evenings, fly through the surrounding wormholes in h. Generally I say it gives variety in life wh.

  • Serbian attack, hisek collapse.
  • Le baguette. Farming along the beacon, as on dscan start flickering Loki and so on. Decided to go, and there drake with a Rattlesnake. The battle began warming repairs, tactically went into cloak and Finita la comedia.
  • Sent the pilot for 4 days wick new Legion fit.


Shiny KIlls 14-20

Boxes: c5, c2
Dissection finded dank present under POS (Naglfar)

Also we kills hardcore pvp legion for 2bil.

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