WH corporation recruiting in 4-3-5!

Here’s Volodymyr Kautsuo, pilot of Under Void

As you already understood by topic name, we are recruiting pilots to live in c4

We live in a small but close-knit group. No obscenities, prejudices, politics and other similar things.

Now a little about the requirements and possibilities:

  • There’re no direct requirements. But there are things that are very desirable to observe. We rely on honesty and integrity of the pilot, and not on the strict rules of the corporation. I would like to see from you a desire to play in a team, communicate and help both in pve and pvp. It is also desirable to study pvp feats.

  • Among the pvp content there are both small evening roams of 3-4 people in null-sec, and large fleets as part of large alliances or OPS and evictions in enemy systems.
    In this whole things, the main thing is your desire to develop, and in other things we’ll help you.

  • If we consider the pve component, then we have the opportunity to earn money in both c3 and c5.
    We will teach beginners how to run c3 and earn 120-200 millions per hour. For more advanced players or beginners, after 2-3 weeks there is a c5 ratting fleet. We give out ships, compensate it if u lose it and help you in learning new things. The result is 300-500 million per hour as part of a fleet. And for pro crabs, there is also a farm on marauders as part of a crab pack or in solo.

  • For industrialists, there is a good infrastructure and everything necessary for production. There’re also mining fleets and support of builders.

The main prime time of the corporation is from morning to evening (European time)
There are no taxes. IWe get it from percent of corp ratting fleets and evictions.
Online of corporation isn’t too big, but we’ll always try help you in your wormhole life.

Also we’re only developing our english speaking part of corporation. Mainly we hav e russian pilots but we’re developing english side too.

For all questions, write to the discord: [UND-V] Volodymyr Kautsuo#4151 or visit our server


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