Looking for small independent corps

(Rob Otokhan) #1

Are you a small group of friends who doesn’t like politics? Do you not want to let someone else be in charge of all your hard earned work in game? Do you want to make your own rules and fly together the way you want without anyone else interfering?

Life can be hard for a small group. You want friends but joining an alliance means letting go of your self control and self determination. It means you have to live by someone else’s rules.

We have a solution for you. We live in a wh with already built bases. We have refineries, factories, market, RnD labs, pi.

You can come live in the wh with us, or “summer home” there. Come and go as you please. Full access to all facilities. Shared scouting and Intel. Free range of the market. Access to PVE and PVP. At zero cost to you.

We don’t require anything other than just come say hi. You can play as little or as much as you want to in the wh. You keep your Corp. You keep your identity. No joining of an alliance required or joining Corp.

What are you waiting for?

Message me for conversation and any questions. Let’s get space rich together!

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