Looking for somthing new?

Love playing EVE but fed up of playing alone or in a corporation that just cares about numbers and not people?
Want to try something new and different?
Want to have a go at living in Null sec with the dangers, fun and rewards that come with it?
We are a medium sized corp with our own slice of the sky.

We run PvE fleets, PvP Fleets, a bit of WH Diving on the side, along with Mining and building to our hearts content.

We have people with many years of experience with all aspects of EvE so if you want to get into doing something new, Come join us!

We don’t require specific commitment from yourselves or a minimum amount of skill points, we do only require 2 things.

  1. TeamSpeak and a mic (and to use it, communication is key in EVE)
  2. To complete a very short vetting process with our in house security Chief

Americans said there is free beer

If interested please contact one of our recruiters, join our public channel or reply to this post

Jacob Fretwell
Jenee Jackson

Still looking for a new home? Look no further! Right here is where you want to be!

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