Newish pilot looking for a corp!

Hello there.

I haven’t played EVE in 8 months and I’m fairly undeveloped SP-wise, as of now I have only 3,6 mil SP. I’m in the EU TZ and I’m looking for a small-mid size corp that’s in Null sec or in WH.

I’m willing and able to train into doctrine ships and I’m very interested in doing PVP with a side of PVE. I’m an Alpha clone, but if need be, in the future I’ll upgrade to an Omega.

Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Hello Mallas,

Were looking for folks that want to improve their game with a view to living in nullsec after some basics have been ran through. Plans are to take full advantage of every facet of the game that is open to us and run through stuff with newbros like your self to better enable them to survive harsh environments :smiley:

Hello Mallas,

Welcome back to eve!
We are looking for some new and fun people.

Come check us out, forum post, you will find more info about us.

Kind regards,

Emaan Icarus

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