Looking for TEST/Legacy corpses

Hi all,

I know this is not the Trade channel, but maybe some has a few TEST/Legacy corpses rotting (pun intended) in their hangar.

This is supposed to be a present for our Secret Santa event, so please check your hangars and make a corp mate really happy :wink:

Offers to me via Eve mail, and I’m happy to pay a decent isk, especially well-known leadership corpses.

Don’t abuse them like that police officer in LAPD.

I’m sure TEST will gladly sell you all you want.

Haven’t seen a reply from them yet.
Actually, self-destruct clones are as good as ‘legit’ ones for me.

You’re really tempting me to sell my body baby.

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When a man offers you up a platter with a sweaty hairy baldheaded middle-aged bikini clad body… You just know you’ve hit rock bottom in life :expressionless:

get an alt in the alliance in question and become the number one seller of corpses in New Eden. :grin:

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