Looking for tool to monitor fuel level in citadels//

looking for tool to monitor fuel level in citadels//

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2 questions
Are you looking for a spreadsheet, website dashboard, or standalone program?
Are you looking for exact fuel count or just how many days until its out?

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… whatever. comma delimited std out… and post it to discord
… well, i know how do divide or multiply///

iwould be reallly happy to hear ansver "hey dont you know there is well known web page which does it… ")

jEveAssets have the stockpile tool you can use to keep pretty much anything stocked. It doesn’t have time left, though.

Full disclosure: I’m the creator of jEveAssets

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Hey, https://eve-orchestra.com is able to do this:
EVE orchestra - mining & industry tool

But you need to sign-up with the CEO character and grant Corp Mining permissions.
Then you will see a detailed fuel status under Corp → Structures.

may be people do not understand me…

I can “take controll ovet Citadel”, after that i can see “fuel bay” of the citadel, and i see how much fuel is there. i dont want to fly to every citadel over five systems…
i want a Tool, which shows fuel level for all corp structures…

corporation_id * integer($int32)

responce contains structure name… services… and
fuel_expires string($date-time)
title: get_corporations_corporation_id_structures_fuel_expires
Date on which the structure will run out of fuel

ohh… i see, i need corp permissions

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