Access non-corp fuel bay via ESI

I’m working on a personal Python project. I want to track the current fuel levels and calculate the time until depletion.

The problem I’m running into is I can’t seem to access the fuel bay for Citadels that my Corp does not own via API. The character I authenticated with has the permissions to see the fuel bay for the Citadel but because it’s a non Corp citadel, /v2/corporations/{corporation_id}/facilities/ doesn’t apply here. Any idea how I can query for the contents of this fuel bay?

Swagger UI say you need the Factory_Manager role to access it in ESI (director also works for all endpoints).
See: EVE Swagger Interface
Look for Requires one of the following EVE corporation role(s): Factory_Manager

Just to be clear, that means you need that role in the corporation that own the facility AKA the corporation you’re requesting info from.

So, if you don’t have that, you won’t have access via ESI.

Based on above info, if its a friendly corp, just create an alt for just that and park em in the corp and get the roles

It would also be possible to make someone in the corporation create a refresh token on a character that have the required role, you can limit it to only have the esi-corporations.read_facilities.v1 scope, so the refresh token don’t give access to anything else. Just note that refresh tokens expires if not used for more than ~30 days