"Looking Glass Monocle Interface (left/gold)" WTS

Hey guys. Siegfried Cohenberg here. Anyone want to buy my left monocle?


How much do you want for it?

opening bid 250b

I don’t see any indication in the OP that this is an Auction thread…

More importantly, next time post your reply to the OP…

I will offer 260B

265B offer

I’ll offer 300bn

305B offer

I’ll raise it to 350b

360B offer.

Really hoping this is a real thread :parrotdad:

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Up to 380b

Same!! There are only 7 of these around!

@Siegfried_Cohenberg What is going on brother ? Why are you selling it? The Club will not allow it.


@Siegfried_Cohenberg is this the genesis of a new celestial with the retirement of an old one?

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Put in a good word for me.

390B update

no poor allowed, come with a real offer

This topic is for grown men.

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I’ll up my bid to 400bn