Looking to Build a Mining Community

The Pack, Worldwide - Chill, Play, Socialize

Corp Overview: The Pack was created with one Goal in mind: To form a community of people where everyone knows one another and play this massive game either as a lone wolf are as a pack with the rest of us. However you want to play, weather you are a new player, a vet, or a returning player, all are welcome.

We are looking for players who play semi daily; who have in interested in Mining, PVE, and Exploration. (PVP is something we are not looking into at this time)

0% Tax included, your money is your money.

Currently we are sticking near Jita until we expand out to 20+ active members daily. After that we will be looking into moving into Null Sec, or a C3 WH.

If you want to join the Pack, everyone is Always Welcome

I’ve sent in my application

Still Looking for more!

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