Looking to make an impact? Join the 5th Empire!

(Will Smithington) #1

We’re a null corp that is accepting capsuleers of all races, trades, time-zones, and experience levels. What do we offer?

  • Experienced FCs and leadership.
  • Regular pvp fleets in a wide range of ships and
  • Better than SRP! All your ships are bought by the corp or
    alliance and given to you before fleet operations.
  • Safe ratting and pve space with a ton of anomalies and
  • Industry facilities with a regular jump freighter service to
    popular trade hubs.
  • Loaner ratting and mining ships for when you’re just having
    a bad day and need something to fly

Join our friendly and helpful group of players today! Help us carve out our empire together.

(Will Smithington) #2

Recruitment is still open! Come make some friends!

(system) #3

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