Looking to move small corp of real life friends back into null Rent/Join Alliance

Me and a few buddies decided to start our own corp and should have a few more on the way. We are all cap pilots and few supers already owned as well. Good skill points and know fleet fights as well as small gang PVP. So would a good addition to a alliance.

Renting seems easy if possible but I know little to nothing about it starting with cost… we are a bit interested in recruiting a few more people to be able to have a good small fleet around for corp. Most people in corp would still like to be able to go PVP with owners of space if renting but kinda just tossing a line out there and seeing what up.

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Hey there Pocket Change,

We are looking for corps to join us - the alliance is Federation Uprising and we’re down south under the Legacy Coaltition banner. We recently purged some less active corps (ones with 50 people but only 3 active).

We’ve got both small and large scale PvP from skirmishes, roams and strat ops to large fleet action. We’ve got moons to mine (and rentable) if that’s how you support your PvP, there’s currently no corp tax payable and you would not be renters. It’s a great time to join!!

We are based out of 03Z5-G in Immensea adjacent to the historic B-R5RB.

If you drop by our Discord you can have a chat and see if it’s what you’re after:


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Afternoon, I’ll spare you a wall of text, you can join as a corp, check us out here

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Thank you have found a home

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