Looking to sell or trade Collector ships

All ships are currently in jita unless otherwise stated.
3x Large Trimark Damnation
Large MISC shield hawk
Large Gun Jag
3 Misc Large Myrms
Large Active Abso
Large Active Eos
Large CCC/EM Nighthawk
Large Extender Vulture
3 Large Bustards
Large Cargo Hulk
2 Large ECM Falcons
Large Extender Rapier
Large Extender Cerb
Large Missile Cerb
2 Large Active Ishtar
Large CCC Ishtar
Large Misc Vaga
Large Misc Zealot
Large Shield Onyx
Large Cargo Itty
2 Double Bubble heretic/sabre - Sabre sold, 2 heretics remaining
Large CCC Basi
Large ANC Guardian
2 Large CCC Scimis
Large Manti
-Other misc large rig ships not worth individual lines

Large Trimarked Damnation - NPC Delve

Large T2 Trimarked Archon - Hakonen
Large T2 CCC Lif - Hakonen ( meh )
Large Extender Hel - Sold

If interested message me offers or post here.

Message sent


How much for your double bubble sabre?


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