Looking to start a Salt Mining apprenticeship


I’ve tried me hand at most thing recently, Mining got too min/max, same as PvE, Lowsec/FW was fun in fair fights, (ie, never) Null got too meh (see PvE/F1 monkey) and WH was good until you need to spend 2 hours scanning a chain to get a HS hole to go shopping.

What I wanna try now is salt mining, ganking, HS wardecers, station camping etc just to see how green the grass is the other side. Try find some giggles to justify my time playing. But gunna be better to get help finding the feet.

Am I good at PvP? Nope, embarrassing bad, will I make you KB look good? Not likely. Will I be drunk and enjoyable? Yes and maybe.

Who’s out there that wants to take on a mature age apprentice?

Should really state for the record AUTZ, but have been known to be flexible on days off


Ah man this application says enough to me - you’re welcome to join our small but very social/cosy corporation who focus on the bond between its members more than anything.

I’ll send you a message in-game!

(We are EU timezone - GMT/GMT+1)

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