All BPOs are 10ME/20TE perfectly researched. Ready to run private cap factory.
Devilery location is discussible. PM me or leave offers here.

Capital BPO PACKS for sale:

  • Carrier x4 Pack Price: 16b
    • Thanatos, Nidhogur, Chimera, Archon
  • Dread x4 Pack Price: 23b
    • Revelation, Phoenix, Naglfar, Moros
  • Fax x4 Pack Price: 16b
    • Apostle, Lif, Minokawa, Ninazu
  • Cap Components x16 Pack Price: 31b
    • All components required to build caps up to supers.
  • Fighters x12 Pack Price: 4.2b
    • Dragonfly, Einherji, Equite, Firbolg, Gram, Locust, Satyr, Templar, Cenobite, Dromi, Scarab, Siren

Standalone BPOs (NOT IN PACKS)

  • Rorqual Price: 7b
  • Charon Price: 6b

Special Prices
Complete Pack: 91b 85b + bonus 10 cap weapon BPOs 9/18
Complete C.D.F. ship pack: 55b 52b

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Still looking for customers

Sale continues

Sale must go on!

Still looking for interested customers

Bumpy sale goes on

Another day, sale continues

Prices updated

Sale is up

I would be interested in buying everything in one go if u are willing to Negotiate , please mail me ingame an evepraisal of all BPOs if u can :slight_smile:

Dinga-dong, you can’t trade it wrong. Bump.

Still looking for offers on the packs

Still looking for customers with reasonable offers

Already have some offers, feel free to make yours


eve mail sent

Bump this sale

is this still available?

Sure it is available. I’m open to offers and prefer full buyout.

Still available