Perfect Subcap BPO Set (10/20) ~~~SOLD~~~

All BPOs are 10/20. Located in an accessible High Sec station near Jita.
One-time collection sale. Offers are welcome.
For better communication please contact me in Discord: panthernet#1659

Blueprint Originals
* Battleships x12 - all
* Battlecruisers x12 - all
* Cruisers x16 - all
* Destroyers x8 - all
* Frigates x24 - all
* Transports x12 - all
* Shuttles x4 - all
Bonus Venture BPO

Estimated complete pack price: 40b


If you never ask then you’ll never know… that being said…

Would it be impossible for you to just you know… give … me the BPOs?


I’m afraid there’s an obligatory fee of something around 40b ISK for this simple action :smirk:

BPOs are getting covered by dust

Very good offer. I have all the BPOs myself so I know how long it takes to bring them all to 10/20 after the initial costs…

Good Luck with the sale!

free bump

How much for the BS bpos ( Individual and also bulk price if possible )

I prefer selling these in a one bulk order. If there will be no interest in a while I will possibly split them.

BPO fleet is still waiting for its commander to take a lead

BPOs are still listed for sale

Interested in selling individuals at all ?

Collection sold.

Grats! And good luck to the new owner!

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