Full set of Battleship BPO's

Hello all,

I have a full set of Battleship BPO’s for sale 36b is asking price for the set I’m not interested in selling these in singles and I believe that the price is a good one for FULLY researched set :smiley:

They are in a Hisec station near Jita and I will not move them so please do not ask for transporting them across EVE.

If your interested either leave a comment or send me a direct message in game I am open to offers but I can say now but i’m fairly stuck on 36b so will be hard pushed to drop my price if honest.


Interested, please shoot me a mail with what you have and we can proceed from there.

Lots of interest in the BPO’s, Still for sale and the BO is 36b not 25 or 30 like I’ve had today 36 is a good price and a great investment for any industrial pilot :smiley:

Still for sale, Daily bump

Daily bump, Still have the BPO’s as stated I will not split them so can people please stop asking :smiley:

Was meant to be sold yesterday but buyer didn’t show the isk, So still have the BPO’s currently

Daily Bump

Sale ended, Please remove o7

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