[SOLD] BPO Pack: All Battlecruisers 10/20

I want to sell my Battlecruiser Original Blueprints.

All of them are perfectly researched (ME:10, TE:20).

Amarr - Prophecy, Harbinger, Oracle
Caldari - Ferox, Drake, Naga
Gallente - Brutix, Myrmidon, Talos
Minmatar - Cyclone, Hurricane, Tornado

I can deliver to any HS station you like.

Price: 12,5 B

(cheapest individual contracts in Jita 4/4 are 14,3 B right now)


It won’t get any cheaper with the latest JobCost Changes. Researching BPOs to 10/20 has become extremely expensive at the last levels, even in facilities with low taxes and a low system cost index.

Contract to me for 12b ?

Hmm. Deal. Will set up contract today.

Edit: Contract is up. I brought them next door to Jita, so you won’t get ganked on the dock/undock. Enjoy.

Sorry about the delay, busy weekend, thank you.

SOLD. Topic can be closed @ISD_Traindriver

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