[SOLD] BPO Pack: Minmatar Battleships 10/20

I want to sell my Battleship Original Blueprints.

All of them are perfectly researched (ME:10, TE:20).

!!! SOLD !!!:
Amarr - Armageddon, Apocalypse, Abaddon - SOLD
Caldari - Scorpion, Raven, Rokh - SOLD
Gallente - Dominix, Megathron, Hyperion - SOLD
Minmatar - Typhoon, Tempest, Maelstrom - SOLD


It won’t get any cheaper with the latest JobCost Changes. Researching BPOs to 10/20 has become extremely expensive, even in facilities with low taxes and a low system cost index.


My copies are selling like crazy. Take your chance and found a business.


Great Wars need great war machines. Build your own!


still available, currently making copies for permanent profit…

→ bump ←

All BPOs coming out of the copy shop in 2 days, ready to be sold. now is the time!

18 bil i will buy

Thanks for your free bump. 30B is the price, take or leave. They make me a billion each month I hold them just in copies, I have no need to hurry.


Friendly reminder: the research cost price increase from the recent patch will make it insanely expensive to research new BPOs to maximum efficiency, those BPO’s prices will only rise. Already 34B if one would want to buy them all individually from the contracts right now.

Update: Amarr, Caldari & Gallente BPOs have been sold! Minmatar still available (7B for all 3). Be quick!

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Sry, didn’t notice.

Ingame Mail is the way for contact. I read these forums only occasionally every few days.

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