WTB Original Blueprint Pack

I am looking to buy a pack of a bunch of various blueprints (originals) so that I can grow out my industry capabilities without going on a goose chase to the NPCs that sell them. They need to be original, and they can be either researched or unresearched, though I would prefer unresearched to minimize expenses.

Particularly, I would like T1 Caldari ships, especially the Drake. A pack containing the Drake and up to 20 other blueprints would be ideal.

Reaction formulas may be included as well, I need those.

Mail sent

I can offer you a pack of all T1 Battleships, perfectly researched to ME10 TE20. 30B ISK. They generate a billion ISK each month in copies alone if you are just selling BPCs. A lot more if you use them as base for Marauder/BlackOps Invention/Production.

Cheaper than buying them all individually from open contracts market.

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