Battleship & ORE BPCs BULK SALE

Battleship Blueprints, all Empires:
All of them are 10run, ME10, TE20.

Price is 1.99M ISK each, plain and simple.

Abaddon 07x
Apocalypse 00x
Armageddon 00x
Dominix 64x
Hyperion 13x
Maelstrom 26x
Megathron 00x
Raven 00x
Rokh 00x
Scorpion 03x
Tempest 00x
Typhoon: 00x

ORE Industrial Blueprints:
All of them are 10run, ME10, TE20.

Price is 499k ISK each, plain and simple.

Noctis 00x
Covetor: 00x
Procurer: 00x
Retriever: 00x

To purchase, send an ingame EVE-mail to Luthien Thiann’Ar.

Hiya, just a tip, you can’t create a Want to Buy contract for BPC, It wil always select the BPO

Good Luck with your sales!
Enjoy the free bump


Thank you for your hint, I will change the advert!


available numbers updated


<< bump >>

available numbers updated.

Numbers and prices updated!

1.99M each.


available Numbers updated!


Numbers updated.


Numbers Updated.


Rokh got buffed hard! Be ready and build them before the patch hits!

Still have more than 50 Rokh BPCs in stock for 2m/each. ME10 TE20, MaxRun. They can all be yours today!


Available numbers updated!

  • Hyperion new in store
  • Megathron new in store
  • Maelstrom new in store
  • Tempest new in store
  • Typhoon new in store

ORE Industrial BPCs added!

  • Noctis new in store
  • Covetor new in store
  • Retriever new in store
  • Procurer new in store


fresh copies available, mail me ingame what you need!


going to sell the Battleship BPOs: [WTS] BPO Pack: All Battleships 10/20 - #3 by Luthien_Thiann_Ar

, but still some BPCs available. Updated numbers.

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