Low Class WH/NS PvP Ambivalent Inc Is Recruiting for US and EU TZ

Are you looking for a corp that has fun?

Do you want to pvp with cool ships?

Do you enjoy being around other fun people who aren’t jerks?

THEN LOOK NO FURTHER (seriously don’t look, because there definitely won’t be something better)

Our requirements:

:slight_smile: DON’T BE A JERK (You don’t have to be the coolest cat, but if you’re a complete jerks to others, then no matter how elite you are at flying spaceships, you get the boot)

:slight_smile: Be Omega (Sorry alpha dudes, we need you to be able to cloak n stuff)

:slight_smile: Have at least a decent understanding of the game (We don’t mind teaching you about wormholes, but we can’t teach you how to play the game from scratch and wormholes together)

:slight_smile: Have Discord (Free to download and use)

Ambivalent Inc. [PHIKL] is currently a C2 [NS/C5] wormhole corp. We pride ourselves on being a group of players who value and promote an enjoyable culture of fun over super green killboards. If you have any questions or wish to apply, please join our corp discord linked below!



Recruitment Video



Naglfar rule #1 Don’t Mess with Hecates.

Still looking for more people to fly with!

Come join us! We are looking for more US and EU tz friends!

We are now in a C2 with Nullsec and C5 static!

Still Looking for more people!

Come check out our discord and say hi!

Still looking for people that want to pew all the things!

Always looking for more peeps for EU and US Timezones!

Come fly with us! Always looking for more people in EUTZ and US TZ

Still recruiting for that awesome C2 Null life!

Hey you! yea you, you know you wanna join.

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