Low Sec Corp looking for Miners and PVPrs (Metropolis)

VCO (Voodoo Shipping Co.) Eve Division is actively recruiting new players and veterans alike to help us forge a new destiny in EVE online. Members of The Serenity Syndicate

What we offer:

  • Membership of a multi game community
  • Hi sec and Low sec base of operations
  • Weekly organized fleets (small gang, mission running, mining)
  • Free PVP ships (and training)
  • An “allied space” to safely operate in
  • Access to multiple level 4 agents in one system
  • Mining boost
  • Blueprints
  • Buy Back

What we need:

  • Active English speaking pilots
  • Miners/ industry focused
  • Pilots willing to PVP (not a requirement)

Join our public channel VCO Public or contact Maximus Pimas Amatin (CEO) in game for more details.


Where are you located? – Metropolis in Minmatar FW (we are not members of the militia Minmatar is blue)

Do you have BPO available? – Yes we can run copies for most BPO

Sounds interesting. is highsec operations within 10-15 jumps from Hek?

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