Low Sec/Null Sec PVP/INDY/MINING recruiting

Low Sec/Null Sec PvP/Mining/Indy Alliance looking for individuals and corps that are looking to grow in Eve.

Vicious Circle. is a laid back, chill, open group of guys/girls. We are open to new and veteran pilots. We have variety of skilled and knowledgeable pilots in every aspect of Eve.

US/EU timezones.

Utilize both discord and teamspeak.

What we offer:

• Buyback of Ice, Ore, Salvage, PI, etc…
• Full infrastructure in place for building all sizes of ships and such
• POCOs for PI
• Training new pilots
• PvP fleets(gate camping, small roams, big fights, all in low/null)
• Structure bashing
• SRP (Alliance/Coalition)

Join our discord to talk to a recruiter now!

Discord: https://discord.gg/8jYr3Y9

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