Vicious Circle is looking for you!

Vicious Circle is looking for new and veteran pilots, individuals or corporations to join up with us!

Who are we? What do we do? What we can offer!

  • Low sec and null sec group
  • Experience in PVP, PVE, Mining/Indy
  • We have our own low sec infrastructure for building, research and invention.
  • Access for PI as well(Low and Null sec)
    -Ore buy back programs
  • Access to Moon mining, Ice mining and Reg Ore mining in high, low and nulls sec areas.
  • Access to Coalition Fleets(PVP,PVE,MINING)
    -SRP on doctrine fit Alliance/Coalition OPs
  • Access to wide range of things not just Alliance level but Coalition level

We have own discord and use teamspeak for comms.

Primary US with EU timezones.

Join our recruiting channel to find out more info.

Vicious Circle is still looking for you!

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