Recruiting PVP players/corps!

Hello Pvpers!

Straight to the point!

What are we looking for?
Looking for either pvpers, or small to medium size pvp corp to join our alliance to help protect our home and hopefully maybe your home as well. We would like to ask for those that can do pvp be our defenders for our mining ops, which you can get paid for.

What can we offer?
Several low sec systems that’s ours, but many more with our partners. Also several small to big fleets to go on.
As a mining/indy group we can also build ships for you as well.

We have a lot of experience through our alliance, mixture of all aspects of eve. We have players in several timezones US and EU.

We utilize Discord for pings, out of game info, trade, etc…

Teamspeak for comms.

We have no skill requirements, omega and alpha players are welcome, experienced or inexperienced.

If you have any questions feel free to msg me in game at Blue Arzi or our discord channel as well



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