Nec Aspera Terrent [0FEAR] is looking for additional corporations!

0FEAR is a well-established, mature community that provides a supportive environment for its members to thrive in whatever field they prefer. Our main focus is industry - however, our members are involved in just about every other area that EVE has to offer. Our base of operations is an end-of-the-road hi-sec system close to trade hubs with secondary & tertiary low sec bases. We also have members that operate in J-space.

What can 0FEAR offer you?

> Moon Mining - We have access to 20+ moons in HS, and around a dozen Moons in lowsec. Nearly all moons are free-mine to members.

> Money making opportunities - Low-sec moon mining operations twice per week: mine the goo > hand it in > get paid isk. Combat pilots get paid for guarding the fleet.

> Alliance Infrastructure - Rigged structures for increased refining efficiency, reactions, structure and capital production. Access to even more with blue standings.

> Guidance - Our members have been playing for decades and have the knowledge and experience that comes with years of surviving. We have been involved in nearly every aspect of Eve over the years.

> Content - PvP oportunities: roams, camps, and larger engagements with our allies.

We have a varied crew of experts and you’re sure to find someone around who is knowledgeable about your interest.

  • Relaxed community always happy to help out
  • RL first attitude
  • Experienced members
  • Discord & Teamspeak for communications
  • Alliance SeAT website
  • Access to 50+ structures in low and high sec

> Who are we looking for?

  • Industrial corporations
  • PvPrs
  • Open to all players as well

We accept all timezones Mostly have US and EU right now but looking to grow in all.

We are looking to grow our alliance and expand operations. If you think your corporation would be a good fit, please send an in-game mail to Blue Arzi, or Lord Grime.
Or msg in our discord

Still looking!

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