Low sec corp seeking indy, PvE, and WH Diving pilots to join the team

We are a nice group of pilots that just like to make stuff for ourselves and fly what we have made. We are tucked away in a small spot in low sec not too far from a busy FW area. Our corp is spearheaded by highly experienced pilots that want to help those out that are new to the game and really want some personal one on one attention when it comes to learning the ropes. We are also seeking experienced pilots that are interested and doing the same and helping out.

On top of all that we regularly dive into WHs and pull out whatever resources we can get our hands on and have a great time doing so.

Thank you for your time and Please feel free to join our in-game recruitment channel(FPMI Recruitment) and/or contact me (EVE IsReal) in-game through convo or eve-mail. I look forward to hearing from you and forging some new bonds.

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