Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is recruiting

Still recruiting!

Sounds interesting. How many in corp and how active in evenings? Do you gate camp mostly or do roams?

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Hey @Thunder_Dumpling

I apologize for replying a day late. I usually only check this thread daily.

Anyway, we do both camps and roams. We camp either the lowsec pipe though Solitude or the Syndicate lowsec entrances. We usually only setup camps when there is no other content going on or if we can’t find anything while roaming. I’d say 50% of our fights are directly from group/solo roams, 25% from camping pipes, and 25% from structure timers.

We’re not afraid to fight over structures and initiate timers against larger targets for potential content. We can only do so much with what is available though and sometimes there isn’t much to do except sit a bubble and hope.

As for activity, we’re most active on week days between 22:00-03:00 eve time with around 10 average daily and weekends our activity is most of the day (18:00-05:00) with peaks of around 20. We’re a casual group so depending on our member’s schedules our numbers go up and down. We’ve had a 25 man fleet on a Monday evening before and that isn’t that unusual for us but don’t expect that to be a weekly thing.

Still Recruiting to anyone interested!

Still alive, active, and recruiting!

Still recruiting filthy casuals for our filthy corp!

Still recruiting anyone interested in lowsec!

Still recruiting anyone wishing to join the evil pirate empire in the west!

Just back from a weekend of Fights throughout Solitude. Come join us for old school lowsec shenanigans.


Still recruiting those interested in lowsec!

Still recruiting!

Great group of guys to fly with. My corp will rarely say that about another corp, because well, we are a little curmudgeonly at times. Join them and you will have fun.

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We’re still recruiting even while the server is down! :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!

Yet another good fight in Syndicate and a great victory for the proletariat!


Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still Recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting! Lots of fun to be had in Solitude/Syndicate: