Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is Recruiting

Still recruiting!

The Solitude Civil War continues with both sides reinforcing structures. The first batch of final timers begins this weekend! The victor is still to be determined!

Join Open Filth to join the dumpster crew before you yourself end up in one!!

Today begins the first of many structure final timers. Stay tuned!

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The Solitude Civil War continues with us burning down 3 VOID structures and dozens more reinforced.

Meanwhile since VOID isn’t fighting us we joined our friends IRON in a large battle in Ostingele.

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The Shoot First v Snuff war in Placid continues with us supporting SF/IRON.

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Still recruiting!

We killed our first titan today with bait setup for someone else. This guy just had really bad timing and we’re one of the few to kill his gank titan.

We also participated in the huge battle in Barleguet last night. We couldn’t do much in canes with the numbers we were facing so after getting a few kills we bailed when SNUFF dropped their titans.


We’re still recruiting! Come join Open Filth and have a chat with us!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting! join Open Filth

Still recruiting!!

We had a fun fight with CAS and SOB this weekend:

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

We participated in another round of everyone in lowsec vs Snuff and actually won this time.

Still lots more fights to be had! Come join Open Filth today.

Still recruiting! Join Open Filth today!

We killed a faction fortizar this weekend which largely concludes the Solitude Civil War. Unfortunately Confederation of the VOID and Citizens of the VOID decided to disband instead of fighting.

There are still plenty of enemies around to fight. Come join us for our next adventure! Join Open Filth today!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting anyone interested in lowsec pvp!

Still recruiting!

We ran the mothership site in Solitude to clear the incursion. Unfortunately we only had 29 people so none of us got paid anything. CCPlease why you do this it was hard with such few people yet we still did it and got nothing :frowning:

Still recruiting!