Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is Recruiting


(Arctanis) #41

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #42

still alive and still recruiting!

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Still recruiting! Come join the fun in Solitude and Syndicate!

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Still recruiting! US TZ nerds wanted!

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Still recruiting!

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We just had a great few days of capital brawls:


Come join us today!

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Free shoes to all new recruits! Food optional.

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Still recruiting!

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Recruitment open!

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Still recruiting!

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Still recruiting players and corps!

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Still recruiting!

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Carrier dunks in progress! Still recruiting!

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Recruitment Open!

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Still recruiting!

(Complex Math) #57

How “negotiable” is the skill point requirement?

I have a little under 1m skill points, and I’m willing to buy two skill injectors to move toward doctrine ships. I’m most interested in training to be a logi “healer” pilot.

I like the Solitude region - I feel like there’s opportunities there, especially with the high sec island.

If you think my toon is too young- let me know. I can always apply later.

(Arctanis) #58

We’d definitely be willing to make an exception if you have a plan on adding more SP and being active with the corp. We’re pretty accommodating to low SP pilots and usually always have a t1 equivalent you can fly for most fleets.

Definitely join us in Open Filth and have a chat with us.

(Massia) #59

Run out of potatos?..

(Arctanis) #60

The fields have never been more bountiful comrade!

Good to see you again man I hope you’re doing well. If you need a slightly used mismatched set of shoes you’ve come to the right place!

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #61

Still recruiting!