Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is Recruiting


(Arctanis) #62

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #63

Still recruiting! Join Open Filth

(Arctanis) #64

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #65

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #66

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #67

Still recruiting!

(ArmyOfMe) #68

If your looking for a EU tz corp let me know, as I have plans to reform my old one, but as always, a newly started corp will be small at first, but i can still bring quite a bit to the table.
If so, please let me know =)

(Arctanis) #69

Hey @ArmyOfMe

We’re definitely open to any EU TZ corps that would be interested. We’re mostly US TZ but we do have some activity during EU and other TZs as well.

Come join Open Filth and chat with myself, Master Glorfindel, Rhys Machina, or Drake Arson when you get the time.

(Arctanis) #70

Wormhole Rorquals victim of whaling fleet:


Still recruiting! Join Open Filth

(Arctanis) #71

We distributed the loot from the whaling fleet and everyone got around 500mil who participated woot!

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #72

Still recruiting!

(Dusty 3allvalve) #73

Sounds good so far, but isn’t lowsec where everyone aspires to be -10?

(Arctanis) #74

-10 doesn’t really matter much anymore. You can easily farm your security status using clone soldier tags or just spending a few hours ratting.

I try to stay around -2 so I can go into highsec if needed. Otherwise its your choice how you want to deal with your sec status. Unless you pod everyone every time it will take a long time to go from positive to -10.

Come join Open Filth and talk with us. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

(Arctanis) #75

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #76

We were apart of this mess in Barlegeut:

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #77

We chased these guys all around Syndicate just to end up killing them 1 jump from our home system:

Also taking sign ups for the alliance tournament. Come be a BUM today!

(Arctanis) #78

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #79

Still recruiting!

Join Open Filth today!

(Arctanis) #80

We tried to save one of our rorquals. It didn’t go well but at least we had a fun fight:

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #81

Still recruiting!