Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is Recruiting


(Arctanis) #82

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #83

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #84

Still recruiting lowsec pvp nerds!!

(Arctanis) #85

We caught some random rorqual mining in our staging system:

Come join for free capital kills!

(Arctanis) #86

Seeking all casuals looking for a fun friendly corp that isn’t going to disappear!

(Arctanis) #87

We’re had a few people join and we’re still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #88

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #89

Syndicate ganks on going!

(Arctanis) #90

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #91

We killed some WH people that decided to stop by:

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #92

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #93

We did a roam and a blops fleet yesterday and destroyed what we could find:

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #94

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #95

Still recruiting casual pvpers!

(Arctanis) #96

Future deployment announced! Looking for more casual pvpers to join us!

(Arctanis) #97

We’ve been blue balled 3 times in 3 days :frowning:

Still recruiting!

(Arctanis) #98

We killed a phoenix that decided to drop a battleship fleet solo:


Still recruiting!

(Zaid Mishi) #99

Hey, I’ve pinged a message over in game - let me know if you want to discuss!



(Arctanis) #100

Still recruiting casual pvpers!

(Arctanis) #101

Something happened in Syndicate and we won:

At least that is what I hear as I was asleep (grr work).

Still recruiting!