Lowsec Pirate PVP Corp looking for laid back members

Greetings capsuleer,
thank you for taking a look through our thread. Everyone in New Eden has, at some point, been in search of a space home. A place where you can login, play Eve in whatever way you want, have fun, socialize, and integrate with a fun and active environment. Most of the time the search can be arduous and fraught with false promises, embellishments.
However, we hope and are certain that with little effort, Killard House can be that place, for you.

Fun. Community. Getting off work and being excited to go home and play games with your friends. Being able to find something that is fun in game that people in your group won’t shame you for doing. Taking t1 cruisers into a nearby pocket and blowing up, and laughing about it. That’s the kind of environment I’m hoping to achieve with KHS.

We are an active PVP corp/alliance based in Maut, 1 jump from FW, 1 jump from high and 2 jumps from null which offers a ton of content, from frig/cruiser fun roams to BS/T3/HAC fights to BLOP Drops and Titan Hotdrops. Pilots seeking low drama, high adrenaline, solid leadership, constant content, proper alliance comms, and a knowledgeable base of chilled players should apply.

We know how to get things done in the game.

What can we offer?

  • A friendly, no-pressure environment

  • Regular 24/7 Fleets.

  • Highly experienced FC’s

  • Comprehensive SRP for alliance operations for doctrine fits, including capitals.

  • Joint Operations

  • PVP and even more PVP!

  • A chance to climb up

  • Very well located home

  • Discord - TS3

In a typical day we could be doing a number of things, from roaming around nearby nullsec to capital drops . There are no CTA’s, no required hours per week. We are here to have fun, not to make Eve into a terrible time drain. However, it always shows good initiative to join alliance fleets, which will result in a good team spirit and rewards!

Quite a few of us are dread/carrier capable and have them nearby. We’re looking to increase the pool of potential capital pilots.

So if you’re interested in a hassle-free experience in Eve with a bunch of guys and gals who prioritize fun and engaging content over killboard efficiency, isk/hr, and alliance commands, KHS might be a good fit for you.

What do we require from you to join?

  • Willing to go -10
  • Able to to follow FC instructions
  • Financially Independent
  • Generally mature
  • Regularly Active. No AFKing for months.
  • Good attitude, and ability to take a joke or laugh at yourself
  • Discord/TS3
  • Full ESI and registration If you’re looking to spy, feel free! You might wind up liking us better than your original corporation anyway.

_If you’re interested or would like a little more information, feel free to get in contact with a recruit in the channel “The House Pub” or get a hold of one of the following people:

  • Mikhail Orlovski
  • Xael LaSerpento

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