Calm yourselves, yes Im back

Hello Capsulers

Kier Tel here, after an 8 year hiatus I have re-activated my account and have been familiarizing myself with the game again.

Currently looking for a low/null sec corp around/in Amarr/Khanid/Tash Murkon space. I can do a bit of everything, currently at 34.5mil SP. Can fly most things up to Battleship class, can do some mining, can fly T1 freighters but most of all love flying my Interceptor, currently trying to ace piloting that again and work on my scanning. Have this month skilled into T3 destroyer and Stealth Bombers to try out those.

I am in Australia so a corp active in a similar timezone would be preferred. Looking for PVP/PVE, exploration/scouting, Planetary interaction and a laid back crew

if you think I might be a good fit for you, please let me know.

We’re not really active in your timezone but we just recruited a noob that could use some help and the alliance has tons of content. if you’re interested in being part of a very mature corp with tons of pvp experience and content come have a chat with us in discord. The discord link is in the following post:

Hey @Kier_Tel

Welcome back to EVE!

If you’re open to moving to gallente lowsec our group Filthy Peasants may be a good fit for you.

We’re a lowsec/npc null pvp corp that lives in the Placid region. We’re an RL first group that works hard to find fun pvp content such as gate camps, roams, blops drops, capital hunting, structure ops, and various other things when we’re in the mood.

While we’re a primarily US-TZ group our activity is 24/7 with many late night west coast people to keep you company. Also we do have a small but growing AUZ group that is quite active.

If you’re interested check out our forum post below and join our public channel Open Filth in game to have a chat with us.

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